Provia 100F stock images

With the continued delays to the return of Kodak Ektachrome, Fuji Provia 100F continues to be my go to E6 film.  Thanks the The Darkroom in Cheltenham for the high quality processing and scans.

Ektachrome 100G

Looking through some old scans recently, I came to realise the the unique quality of colour transparency film, and its ability to record huge amount of information - even in 35mm; easily a match for a 24mp DSLR.  Sadly, few choices still remain for this type of film as Kodak ceased manufacture of E100G, their last remaining E6 film, in 2012.  It can be easy to forget that transparency film was the medium of choice for advertising and editorial photography for decades, at least until the 1990's, when colour neg film became more popular.  My message is simple; make the most of it while it's still available, as a few years from now it might not be. 


Surrey Quays, London UK 2012 Image © Richard Barnes/Alamy

Surrey Quays, London UK 2012 Image © Richard Barnes/Alamy